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Re: 6th kyu forever

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I am glad you are moving forward and happy with your options.

Only one thing to add. The first time I ever posted on this site, I can come across a letter from a guy who left another dojo to join ours, had some questions about the differences between associations, left our dojo, started some other myriad things, started to dojo bash on social media, then came back to our dojo. Multiple times. Each time acting like he expected none of the rest of us knew what the Internet was. His comments got much worse on other social media, but he would say he wanted to teach Aikido some day. Eventually, after enormous tolerance by several instructors, he quietly left.

It's okay to make a choice to leave, or to stay. I am now training at my fourth Aikido dojo, and I've had six different Taiji teachers and a couple of Karate teachers too, and one Baguazhang teacher. And, I've found myself in towns with no Aikido and trained in Judo or TaeKwonDo or Krav Maga. Work used to move me around a lot.

For me, It's just worthwhile to leave on good terms and to have friends in schools that I don't train in every day anymore. I feel there's a lot to see by the friends and enemies I have, and I prefer to have enemies I can be proud of.

I guess, I like it when a student doesn't feel the need to burn bridges or force an ultimatum or have a showdown. Leave or stay, it's worth it to do this respectfully to all your teachers.
You are right and that's why I chose not to mention which dojo I'm at. I know a few people in my dojo who also train in other dojos around town by just paying for the day's mat fees. (I know this because I looked at the sign-in book at the other dojo and recognized a bunch of names from my dojo). I think that would work well for me. I like this one teacher here so I'd be glad to pay for just his class. Also, I will proceed slowly in the new dojo by just taking classes with the teacher I saw first to get acclimated to the new school.

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