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I'm still sticking it out, although I will say that once I pass, I will think and reflect upon my entire experience.
The "once I pass" rings a small alarm bell for me. There's a phenomenon I call "testing tunnel vision", where someone postpones needed thought/decisions/actions until they pass a rank test. Stop. Think about it. Why does it make sense to wait until after you pass the test to think about your training experience and whether it's worth it to continue, at your current dojo or anywhere? If you wait until after the test, and the outcome of your reflection is that you decide that you need to go elsewhere, what will you have gained by waiting? You shouldn't assume that you'll go into a new dojo as a fifth kyu -- you probably won't. A more likely scenario is that you'll train there for a while without any rank, and then the sensei may award you a rank if he/she thinks your aikido is at the level that they want to see at that rank.

So, staying at your current dojo just to get the 5th kyu isn't a good reason; it's possibly just throwing good training time after bad -- ok, that's a crap analogy, but I hope you get my point. If moving on is the right thing to do, it doesn't make any sense to wait another day. And if staying where you are is the right thing, you won't know that if you don't pause to reflect. What doesn't make sense is to continue doing the same thing that's got you in a state of discontent and frustration. So, don't wait until you test -- stop and take time to reflect now.
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