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Re: 6th kyu forever

Hello Clare,

Having a very good relationships with your instructor helps a lot in so many ways. Without that you'll be having a lot of obstacles in your path to Aikido. Masakatsu Agatsu is what you have to remember also. Patience is a virtue is one thing that you have to practice and it will help you in your million miles journey.

You said that you went to another dojo and how you enjoyed the instructor and the training there. Dynamic and technical is what you're looking for? Maybe that's one contribution that you've been missing after your 6th kyu. Some instructors like it mellow and slow and some like it more dynamic and technical. You have all the rights in the world to do whatever you want and nobody can stop you from doing the choice that you're looking for in your training.

I am not advicing you in any ways as I've made a lot of mistakes in my early years also. Just quit your old dojo and move to the new one. You said that you enjoyed the class there. Start your training on a clean slate but it has t be in a right way. It will be easier for you this way but don't bring your old ego to the new dojo. You can ask the instructor of the new dojo if he will accept your KYU rank to his school and if not, then nothing to lose. Start in the right way the most important thing in building your base/foundation in Aikido.

Goodluck in your journey.

"For The Secret That The Warrior Seeks: You Must Know That The Basic Principles Lie In The Study Of The Spirit." - Morihei Ueshiba
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