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Re: 6th kyu forever

Clare Din wrote: View Post
I did visit another dojo last night. The teacher was a lot more dynamic, moving from student to student, pairing up beginners with more experienced students. No one was left behind or left to feel like they're in a sea of befuddlement.
That is great news. I think you should move to that dojo. After you're there for a while, during casual conversation with a friendly senior student, you might ask how long it takes to reach shodan (1st degree black belt) in that organization. The answer will probably be something like 6-8 years, and that a shodan student is considered merely a serious beginner on the aikido journey.

In other words, I hope you join and do well at that new dojo, and I also hope that you are able to accept and benefit from the fact that aikido is a journey, and a long one, and that someone starting her journey at 48 years of age will never be as good as Donovan Waite or Christian Tissier.

I wish you well on the journey.
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