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Here is what I love though... when I see Christian Tissier, Yoko Okamoto, and Ryuji Shirakawak move, I am awestruck. They flow so well. See, I can accept knowing how to flow at their level, but at my level, every 5th kyu test I've seen, I've never ever seen flow. I've seen some crazy strange versions of what the techniques are supposed to be... and that's fine because it's a 5th kyu test and not 3rd kyu where you're supposed to flow better.
I don't know your teacher, so I have no idea what he is looking for in a 5th kyu test.

Here, we like to see the 5th kyu techniques performed from a moving attack. All the 6th kyu techniques are done from a static grab. So, relative to 6th kyu, 5th kyu demonstrates "flow."

Relative to a shodan, much less to the likes of Tissier Sensei? Not so much.

Also, something to remember about aikido in general. I believe I have demonstrated shomenuchi ikkyo on every single test that I've done. But I suspect (and hope!) that there was a vast difference between the version on my most recent test and the version way back on my 6th kyu test. This is why people laughed at the suggestion that you should have eliminated basic mistakes after 77 classes. Even in the most basic techniques, there are endless layers, endless possible refinements. There will be many steps forward, but also many steps backward and many long, frustrating plateaus.

Certainly some teachers are more encouraging, more able to help you see your own mistakes and recognize even incremental improvements. But the art is inherently difficult.

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