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Re: How do i know when i can feel KI?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Just to get you right:
Do you think this understanding of ki as structure and coordination of body and mind is equivalent to the understanding of qi used in arts like qi gong or nei gong? Or do you think the understanding of ki in aikidō is different from the understanding of qi in arta like qi gong or nei gong?
if I google qigong or chi gung, I get the same characters. Stove, fire, rice pot. I know some teachers offer more than that. The understanding I offered is common sense, scientifically valid, and very useful for health and martial training. When I teach I am able to correct structure, or I can correct a poor understanding or offer an image to facilitate the understanding. I can correct mental mistakes or physical ones.

I do not know how to correct spiritual mistakes; I cannot even prove they even exist. At my level, I cannot help a student with such things. O Sensei is said to have claimed precognitive flashes that allowed him to dodge bullets and sword strikes - I am not there. I don't have all the answers, but I do believe many things are possible. I don't know that such Ki compensates for a wild-horse mind and poor integration.

And, the OP has trained for six months in Aikido. Looking over older posts, he has a karate background. My understanding is that the characters for Kiai and Aiki are the same. At least I know he has some training - it is a pet peeve to have a new student with terrible posture and ADHD get grumpy because I tell them to stand up straight instead of something more mystical.

Of course I like to think there is more. I don't know how to reliably use it or teach it.
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