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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier, 2014

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
That never happens in Ch. Tissier style. I had a chance to practice with his many very high ranking students, every time I was corrected to follow famous 'code'. They simply don't accept when uke moves other way and get immediately angry. The root of theirs behavior is they don't know what to do with different reactions of attacker and how to control him in safe way.

So I lost interest to practice with this style because this ‘code' (in short or long term) doesn't allow the development of spontaneous creation of the techniques. And this is in contradiction with O sensei teaching.
I have never really practised on the tatami, but attended a seminar he (Tissier) gave years ago in Amsterdam. I noticed that while Tissier himself appeared to have some skill (explosive form), his students (which he brought from France) were not able to do what he did, You could not tell who these students were in the group af about 50 students.
In seminars with my teacher, you can immediately tell who his students are and who are not...even the lower ranks students....

I must admit that I always enjoyed the demonstrations Tissier gave in Bercy

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