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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier, 2014

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
I was asking the hypothetical question , if a raw beginner was ubjected to the type of shiho nage shown by Tissier would the newbie be ok?A simple yes or no would be welcome/suffice as an answer.Cheers, Joe.
If you do it slow and relaxed, lead him down and loose the grip early enough to let him roll freely, a talented beginner can survive it.
But thats the same for the shihonage you prefer.
You can do it in a way a beginner would not come back again next training.
Arikawa Sensei used to throw shihonage ura waza in a way your back of the head banged on the mat and made you see the stars. And he did it with beginners who had their very first lesson. That was the experience of my teacher when he stepped into hombu dojo the first time.
So it always depends on the way you do it.
The shihonage ueshiba shows on the photo is not a technique for saving an opponent. You can do it in a save way, but thats the same for almost every other technique .

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