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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier, 2014

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I wrote in my comment that you cited above that this kind of throwing is practiced with uke who are skilled enough, not with beginners. How I said before, I never heard about any broken elbow in Tissiers classes or seen in the seminars that I have attended. So the practice seems to be save enough.

I'm not one of Tissiers students, but I know what it feels like to be thrown by him.

Unless you want to break a guys elbow deliberately , you should I hope try and throw students be they dan g rade or beginner in a safe manner.I was asking the hypothetical question , if a raw beginner was ubjected to the type of shiho nage shown by Tissier would the newbie be ok?A simple yes or no would be welcome/suffice as an answer.Cheers, Joe.
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