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Re: Aikido is all about "Engineering and Physic's"

I've practiced Aikido for about 3 years and I'm a beginner of course.
I've already felt that engineering-physics concept. Since I love physics, I see it, the forces vectors are so obvious and simultaneously are deeply hidden in the real act and performs.
But I think there will be a higher level when one practices more and it becomes like a language, when you talk your native language you never think about grammar or these sort of things, you just speak it and let the words out and you're sure that you use them correctly.
I think in higher levels the Aikido becomes that native language where there is no concepts of physics and engineering elements (albeit there would be) and it's just something through the blood, veins and muscles; the subconscious mind handle everything.
As I've already mentioned, I'm just a beginner and it's just a theory of mine
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