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Re: Aikido is all about "Engineering and Physic's"

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I did in the end purchase and get through the book, the author was helpful in postage to overseas (Australia) and started writing a review...can't find it though...but will have another look.
I think the author is talented and has a clear progression of ideas and there are interesting/useful koan's along the way that i got value from.

The use of scientific nomenclature is quite non-traditional and that got in the way for me because i could see how it was being used, as it was different to my understanding (radio physics was my graduate work).
I think the nomenclature is used as a kind of language, wrapper or framework to get get across some ideas in a context, which was clearly helpful for the author in an autobiographical sense and to present a thematic development of ideas. I also found useful his work that i saw in the the aikiexpo videos to understand some of what he was saying.

It wasn't an easy read, but if your looking for insights, and if someone has taken the time to put their life's work in a book you can get value from it.

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