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Re: Aikido is all about "Engineering and Physic's"

As an Aikidoka Physiotherapist and (somewhat limited) biomechanist I can see some merit in all sides of the arguement.
I'm currently involved in a study looking at natural reactions to "grabbing" attacks; and yes the analysis is incredibly complex (maybe 3,000 data points per attack) from a scientific point of view.
Thing is with my Aikido head on I can pretty much predict how the subject is going to react beforehand.
So maybe the convergence of perception and physical movement creates what we call Aikido; and we need to learn the body mechanics as a first step.
As teachers maybe we need also to understand that physical, biomechanical action in order to transmit knowledge of technique effectively and efficiently rather than stumbling around for years before we hit on "the secret" - maybe that way we will produce many more competent Aikidoka than in the past who will also have more time to develop their perceptual skills.
There is IMHO no "magic" just hard work.
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