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Re: Aikido is all about "Engineering and Physic's"

The following quote has resonated with me for many years (as i move in and out of concepts)

"Your aikido will only improve when your concept of aikido improves"
Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

Engineering and Physics contain lots of useful concepts, if they work for you great, if not, no need to get upset use something else.

FWIW I've benefitted tremendously from physics and engineering concepts in my own practice, its my profession for me so it floats my boat. For others in my dojo what I am saying can be 'blah, blah, blah' but the body work and movement is still there enough for them to get something (they keep coming back).

Funnily enough the ground reaction force, toppling vector and other concepts led me to the IS paradigm. And when I got to see Bill Gleason a few weeks back I thought, there is some neat physics going on there...and then some.

best to all,

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