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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Actually, I meant that the Korean elements originated in China, of course.

Shinto (along with everything else Japanese) experienced a heavy influence from Chinese sources - but there's plenty of literature out there on that.

All through the Edo period Shinto was heavily Confucian - and that's not even getting into the Shgendo (a blend of Buddhism and Shinto) links to Morihei Ueshiba.

Ueshiba did indeed cite Chinese sources - here's one of them.

You still haven't provided any support for your assertions.

You're making assertions, let's see some support for them.


You're just playing word games. From stating "he himself stated he was influenced by chinese" to now the lesser " he cited chinese sources" is quite a come down. As I said, he never stated he had any chinese influence.

As for your "example given" it has nothing to do with chinese. Once again a chinese scholar or someone wrote those words but the concept is not of chinese origin. It's a spiritual concept and so all it proves is his awareness of the reality of such concepts.

Maybe you think chinese invented the principles underlying yin and yang.

Shinto is native Japanese shamanistic religion. Shamanistic other spiritual practices over the centuries may well have influences, shingon buddhism for example, but still irrelevant. Shinto is unique as an entity, Japanese.

I can cite jewish or chinese or japanese or arabic or indian sources to get a concept across to others does that mean I am influenced by them? No, it means I use them.

So citing does not equal influenced by so end of argument.

Spiritual texts is what he studied and practiced.

I make spiritual assertions and so don't need to back them up for Ueshiba backed them up in virtually everything he said. In just about every interview given to uchideshi you will hear them say he explained aikido in spiritual terms and they didn't understand. Take your pick.

Still today what's new? I wrote "a little story about Ki" which was taken off the spiritual section. Just shows the scene hasn't changed much. The subject of Ki is in at least three threads now and none of them under spiritual. So once again no change there, people still don't understand.

All that's left is debate on irrelevant things like trying to make things physical or chinese.

Ueshiba was all his life on a spiritual path so all influences pertinent were spiritual. The five minds of budo are spiritual disciplines and so align well for the true student. The true student must study the spiritual otherwise they are just doing some scholarly exercise not martial study.

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