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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Shinto is a religion not a word. The word adopted and used generally is a historical language thing, nothing to do with the religion itself for it is pure Japanese. So some chinese scholar wrote about it....thus making others aware of act like he invented it.

Korean elements originated in Japan? I think the majority of Japanese people themselves originated from korea let alone elements.

Ueshiba I doubt ever stated he was influenced by chinese, that your assertion. He went from Nationalistic to universal. He did often state his major influences though which were spiritual and even blatantly stated they were also the major influences of his Aikido.

So there's no escape if you want to take the influence have to go spiritual.

Actually, I meant that the Korean elements originated in China, of course.

Shinto (along with everything else Japanese) experienced a heavy influence from Chinese sources - but there's plenty of literature out there on that.

All through the Edo period Shinto was heavily Confucian - and that's not even getting into the Shgendo (a blend of Buddhism and Shinto) links to Morihei Ueshiba.

Ueshiba did indeed cite Chinese sources - here's one of them.

You still haven't provided any support for your assertions.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
The methods that drive IP yes but Aiki no. The methods that drive Aiki are spiritual and not of chinese internal mental/physical methods.

Spiritual Aiki is driven by spiritual disciplines borrowed by whatever person of whatever nationality if spiritually aware enough.

The mind is driven by that of the swordsman as are the movements physically.

Many Japanese concepts quite alien to chinese exist in Aikido. So influences pertinent are purely Japanese from bushido to budo to kotodama and shinto and more.

Spiritual has no nationality actually for it is universal as are the basic principles of Aikido.
You're making assertions, let's see some support for them.



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