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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

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Many have gone into the chinese internal stuff ...

And before him, his teacher -- Sokaku Takeda.

The ideas of ki and aiki weren't created in Japan, in a vacuum. Island nations with no input from anywhere else, would show no trace of any similarity with mainland cultures. Like so many other deep and sophisticated ideas, Japan was liberally immersed in Chinese philosophy and concepts, as well as crafts and arts. Where do you think Japan got kanji from? Its intro to Buddhism? Or sumi-e? Or even tea ceremony and the concept of the landscape garden? Esoteric internal body disciplines were yet another import from China. Among them were, with 99.99% certainty, those that embodied the concepts of ki and aiki.
What makes you or anyone think the ideas were from China? Why stop there? Buddhism goes beyond China as does much of what you think originates there. Japanese history is actually more linked to Korea.

But still, all that is irrelevant and minor. Culture is where it's at and culturally Japan developed it's own way. Then when you come to the topic at hand called Aikido then you enter sophisticated ideas which are spiritual based of Japanese Kojiki and Kotodama, shinto and Kami. Very Japanese. "My Aiki is not the aiki of the past"

Being swayed by arguments of chinese internal arts means only you should go study bagua or something rather than trying to mistakenly believe it has anything to do with Ueshiba's art.

I say that using chinese internal arts in the name of Aikido is an insult to both Aikido and Ueshiba.

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