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Re: Tuning the "skin" video

From one of Chia's Iron Shit book on developing the "chi belt":
Inhale, pull up the left side of the anus and let the energy of the left kidney expand out to the left side of the waist...
And this kind of stuff goes on and on for miles. One of the things I do know about mastery, is that once you've got a good handle on something, you can often just make shit up. It certainly worked for the Taoist masters. That was kind of their job. Stringing people along. Mainstream media does a good enough job of that these days.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Even Ueshiba figured that out. He had, in his later life, Seiseki Abe as his shodo teacher. Those older Taoist masters from centuries past - even in their full power - didn't have as much power as many kids have today in their pinky finger.
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