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Re: Tomiki Kenji's Attribution of Ueshiba's Skill to "Muscular Training"

Thank you Professor.

Does it seem to anyone else like the issue of "fake" keeps getting in the way? Is there a different between a "cheap trick" a "good trick" and a "technique" other then the idea you hold about the person using the method in question?

I think we get into an issue of morality and ethics often, and this gets in our way of understanding what is going on. Is this what Tomiki is doing with the device you mention? That is to say, Tomiki was making a comment, that if we look at what Ueshiba is doing as something worthy of learning, it's educational. But if you try and take that same thing, and look at it as a "cheap trick" (大道の安芸人) it seems strange.

Then Tomiki goes on to say, that (I'm heavily paraphrasing to show my understanding of what I believe is going on) he believes that what Ueshiba is teaching is very worthy, and he believes it should be spread because it (whatever it is, be that isometrics or something else) is of value. So we shouldn't try to frame it as a "trick" or something of religious faith.

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