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Re: Tomiki Kenji's Attribution of Ueshiba's Skill to "Muscular Training"

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Thanks again.

It seems to me Tomiki saw the IP demos as something in the line of Lulu Hurst or Annie Abbott performances.
I dont' know if you've read Lulu Hurst's auto biography or not. But it provides many interesting stories. One thing that I found remarkable about her story, is that she didn't even know how she did many of the things she did. It wasn't until much later in life (long after she stopped performing), and much thought about her stunts that she figured out what was really going on. I thought this was very interesting because it showed that even the performer themselves might not know how they are doing what they are doing.

Also, in the auto biography, she explains all of her stunts, the "Jo trick", from what I can tell exactly the way Ueshiba is demonstrating it, is explained by her. And it's a very good explanation- although different then the one I originally stumbled upon.

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