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Re: Still On The Fence

When you start Aikido, you are going to be as confused as hell.

And that's perfectly normal.

Remember that with any martial art, you are essentially rebuilding your body. For Aikido especially, you will become extremely flexible through constant stretching. You also rewire the way your mind functions. The way you move, how you consider space and timing. Everything will change.

You will do the stances, the movements, the techniques, and you will do it all wrong. It will not work, and you may even fall flat on your face. No worries though, that's what happens to most people when they start. The magical thing about the training is that even if you don't understand the current technique, you'll learn more about how to properly move your body while training at different techniques, and when you finally revisit the first technique, you'll find that you suddenly is able to perform it much better. This is because all the motions of Aikido are related, and the more you internalize and make those movements natural to you, the better your Aikido will be in general.

As with anything, the key to success is sticking with it. You won't start to "get" it until at least about a year in anyhow, so don't mind the mess up, and just pick yourself up and move on. Always keep a positive outlook and be optimistic, and you'll have fun during training.
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