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Re: Still On The Fence

Worried about punches - kick them in the crown jewels !

Whatever MA you do first and formost you must enjoy it !
Life is too short. Stress is the biggest enemy.
Each MA has some plusses some minuses.

Indecision, inaction, fear based indecision, these are the worst things you can do in a self defence situation.
My sister in law was at home when two home invaders surprised her, she grabbed a fry pan, started screaming and foaming at the mouth and proceeded to chase them out of the house over two fences and up the street. She is 5 foot something with no MA training. Her positive instant reaction was enough to scare off two male home invaders, they did not have time to think anything other than: run away - run away from the psycho girl !!

I had a very geeky and quite weakly school friend who got held up for his wallet. Before the guy could finish the demand my friend had smacked him in the face as hard as he could and was running half way up the street. The guy didn't stand a chance, my friends reaction was so fast that the guy just didn't know what happened.

Fear based inaction, hyperthetical speculation of theoretical events, 'what if' statements are all just a waste of time.
Just do something !!
Try out a few classes, see what fits, then get to it !!

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Enjoy the journey
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