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Re: More on High Break-falls

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
Interesting that our experiences were so similar. My dad sent me up the ladder with a tape measure to give to my uncle. The ladder was a tad short and I was only on the roof from the waist up, with my feet on the ladder. My dad came along and took the ladder out from under me. Ordinarily, I probably would have been able to pull myself up, but with the pitch of the roof and the fact that shingles weren't on it yet, I sat there in limbo for a few minutes, yelling for help and saying I was about to fall. No one believed me till they heard the thud. Like you, time slowed down for me. It was almost like a dreamlike state and I was hyper aware of everything. Honestly, the landing felt more to me like a parent laying a child down in their bed. I remember no trauma what so ever.

It was a same experience for the lawn mower too. I was so focused on missing the huge sign and the ditch and when I missed those and bailed, I first thought of a roll and realized "That is NOT going to work!!" and just sort of relaxed and accepted the inevitable. My dad (interesting he was involved in both of these huh!?!) said it was the scariest thing he saw when he looked in the rearview mirror of the pick up.

Both instances were incredibly stupid and should have been avoided. We laughed after the fact at both and wished we had video and I am just glad my ukemi saved me. I used to joke with one of my old isntructors that I had tested height and speed and officially approved the ukemi she taught.
Thanks. Great examples. I hoped others would see the concepts I described as clearly as you.

Thanks for sharing them.

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