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Re: Judo and IP/IS

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
Tomiki Aikido was developed for Judo players. It follows those principals. Although the techniques are different looking, a principal is a principal and you have to understand what is happening in terms of off balance etc.
This is incorrect imho. Tomiki K. studied the Daito Ryu/Aikibudo/Aikido of Ueshiba M. and being highly ranked and very knowledgeable in Judo and a professor of physical education, was able to see the obvious common points between the Aikido and Judo. For him, the primary difference that influenced Aiki waza or Ju waza was ma ai. But to say that his Aikido was developed for Judo players is a great exaggeration. Being highly ranked and influential in the Judo world it definitely supported his approach to Aikido and the way he structured and formulated it. He was also heavily influenced by Kano and encouraged to continue his research into Aikido and create a structured training method similar to the Judo paradigm, but contrary to what the book Judo and Aikido (or the earlier Judo:Appendix Aikido) may lead one to believe, Tomiki was not redesigning Aikido as per Judo principles. Kuzushi is required for any Aikido technique to work, regardless of style.

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
For instance, take Kote Gaeshi and Osoto Gari. They look totally different but they really aren't.
The main similarity between Kote Gaeshi and O Soto Gari is the direction of kake. Both go to the weak line at the back corner of the attacker. The kuzushi used to setup both techniques however are very different. The kuzushi for Kotegaeshi is to the front corner, at a lateral angle to the little toe of the leading foot while the kuzushi for O Soto Gari is to the back corner of the leading foot, planting the attacker's weight on that leg and then removing that support. In a real sense, kotegaeshi uses kuzushi to extend the spine, then compress or collapse it to the back corner. O Soto Gari uses kuzushi to compress the spine to the back corner, rendering the leg immovable, then collapse the body by removing the leg. Different forces, intents and directions in my book.

Just my 2 cents. My apologies for any thread drift.


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