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Re: Judo and IP/IS

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Thanks Phi, is this your first post without humor??

I wonder if there's a video of Mifune doing it. I'll check around.

it's terrible that i posted that way. i need to be punished. i need to have a good looking judo lady to lock me down in a north-south lock. (many years ago when i took judo, a lady did that to me. after awhile, she noticed i didn't move. she asked why i wasn't trying to escape. my muffled reply was "i liked it here". she hit me and i rolled away laughing).

for the GNK (gonokata), it's not the throws that are important, but what happens in between, i.e. the various push-pull. there is a video of Ochiai sensei showing GNK. the things i would change would be to do the various push-pull without losing balance if the other person disappeared, along with the ability to switch from push to pull and vice versa without posture change, i.e. internal intent. there are a few more changes, but those would be the start.
*dogging and weaving now because a bunch of judo folks will jump me for sure*
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