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Re: Judo and IP/IS

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Tim,
Its quite a jump to connect a leg throw [o soto gari] with Kote Gaeshi [a te waza] .O Sotogari throws the man to his rear.Kote gaeshi rarely does this.Only thing in common between the two is the kuzushi[balance breaking ].You need to unbalance[mentally /physically] your partner before execution of any waza, be it against an opponent doing judo /aikido /sumo/pub brawls.
Tomiki Sensei being primarily a judoka [and competitive minded] would as expected would look at aikido from a judo perspective.
The book you mention came out at the same time as a quaint book by Bruce Tegner.This one was good for a laugh as was his Judo /Self Defence book.This self defence tome included defences against rabid dogs , oriental gents armed with axes etc.
I have a copy of this, offers over a thousand dollars only will be considered.

Cheers, Joe.
Thanks Joe! It took a few years to put it all together. It's not so far of a jump if you understand Kuzushi and what Kenji Tomiki's art is all about.

The book I am talking about was written by Kenji Tomiki himself. It only has 15 basic techniques and it's a great glimpse into how he developed his system. Here is a link to it. You apparently have a different book.

I don't expect everyone to understand the correlations between techniques but you got the similarity which is Kuzushi! All techniques in Tomiki Aikido require it. Does it really matter how you get it?

If a wrist is turned back it puts uke on his heels (elbow goes down). If it is turned forward it puts uke on his toes (elbow goes up). In the book, Kenji Tomiki says when uke's posture is broken backwards (heels) to do ko-soto-gari or o-soto-gari. You can argue this all you want but I'll still have to agree with Kenji Tomiki. The pic in the bottom right looks a lot like the Kote Gaeshi I learned.


-It seems to be all about semantics!
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