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You ought to be reported for backpedalling, passive-aggressiveness, and backhanded insults. I say, if you think dude is talking tall tales, prove, or on the mat.
Lorel, did you even take the time to read the post that I was referring to as a tall tale? If you didn't, here it is. If you have nothing to ad, why even post?

Of further interest may be an incident in the late 1930's when Takeda Sokaku (founder of Daito ryu aikijujutsu) stormed the stage at the budokan in front of a large public crowd filled with seriously educated budo men and a general audience gathered there for a budo exhibition. He started ranting how "the arts being shown were not the true arts of Japan and how the modern arts had ruined true bujutsu of Japan, That what was being shown was fake and he needed to show real bujutsu for the sake of the country! (not way to win friends and influence people eh?). He proceeded to then challenge the 5th, and 6th dans (Judoka as it was reported) to all come at him at once and do what they would. He started tossing them all over the stage and pinning them and insulting them while he did so in a loud voice. Many there were angry and found it startling and awe inspiring all at the same time. One fellow a student of Ueshiba and a koryu weapons guy said many were whispering in the crowd suddenly realizing who it was they were watching "Takeda!"
Oddly one account I read the Budo man himself a tenth dan and Koryu menkyo said it was 'thee most stunning display of budo he had ever seen before or since!" And yet Takeda was so frightening and rude that he would never consider training with him.
Next story.
I have it on good authority from another Koryu menkyo, who was told that at the Kodokan -every once in a while this little old man would show up unannounced and Kano would say to his guys "hey, try to throw that old man!" the seniors would beg off, but the new bully boys would give it a whirl, and not be able to throw the old guy but would instead get their asses handed to them. One event that was notable was a guy who gave the old dude a hard time not playing by the rules. Supposedly the old dud tatpped him on the hip and dislocated it. Who was the old guy. Ueshiba! The founder of Aikido and senior student of....? Takeda.
I have played with enough Master level teachers of the ICMA to know that the internal methods of the Japanese arts must have come from China, there are just too many similarities. Unfortunately, the Japanese arts are just like the Chinese ones. Most people are doing waza and want to only learn how to fight. And while they attain high rank and either are or..these days it is fair to say WERE...convinced they knew about internals...They really don't have a clue about the deeper stuff.


-It seems to be all about semantics!
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