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Just so that were on the record: you disagree with the notion that ki is bodily skill or do you just like making noise?
Disagree with Feldenkrais? Yes I do. On just what part...well that might have been an interesting discussion.
Hmm. It's a direct recollection and explanation from someone there at the time. What's more, it's quite direct in stating how ki was viewed in judo circles at the time.
I don't care how Ki was viewed by Feldenkrais. Nor was his opinion a reflection of how ki was viewed by everyone in Judo. In fact his quotes about ki not being in the tanden and being shit, directly contradicts other writings of those who trained in judo at that time and which are available elsewhere.
And to help you, since it escaped your attention, he was making a case for disagreeing with those in Judo. in your own quote he makes it clear he was in fact disagreeing with a widely held belief.
And what makes this open for opinion? Because anything is open for opinion when you don't know the subject.

Why not read the article and pick something substantive to elaborate on instead of taking cheap pot shots?
I have read it I am sparing you tall tales and half truths which are not really worth your time reading. Although, if we borrow some advice from Tim's Grandfather; you should apparently not believe anything that Feldenkrais wrote and only half of what he says -though that doesn't quite add up or make sense anyway does it?
Speaking of which, the cheap pot shots started a long time ago. Why didn't you say something then if cheap shots bother you? They don't really help do they? Nor are they conducive to good conversation. Something to think about going in next time.
I'll leave you to reading more opinion.

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