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Re: Judo and IP/IS

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
It's a shot in the dark but you never know what will stick to the wall! You posted and it seems you have some Judo background.

I have no clue what the IP/IS thing is about and when it comes to Aikido but I wanted to see how it applies or doesn't apply to other arts.

Since the Aikido I study is based on Judo principals , I'd like to try that avenue to see what people have to say about it.

Thanks for the info.
Dear Tim,
The principles applied to Judo and Aikido are not the same. Judo ;when pushed /pull.When pulled push.Aikido when pulled;Enter .When Pushed :turn and push.As a long term judoka/aikidoka you will be mixed up if you apply Judo principles to aikido.In the first place the posture is different, the maai is different and the initial contact with uke/control of uke is different.Judoka close the maai and due to their posture [shizentai etc ] they can be kicked /punched fairly easily before/on establishing contact.Of course once contact is established
a throw can be set up or if the encounter goes to the ground the judoka can apply ne waza.Judoka in general do not train in atemi.
As a footnote most if not all my own teachers were Budo trained.Judo to me is closer to Iaido/Kendo in tai sabaki / foot work.Aikido uses hamni /judo shizentai +Jigotai.
Cheers, Joe.
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