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Re: Thank you Tony Wagstaffe

Charles David Henderson wrote: View Post
Frankly, I'm sorry this discussion has taken place in his enforced absence, as it feels more than a bit unfair.
I might be mistaken in this thinking, but I don't get the impression Tony is the type to be bothered by others talking about him openly in this way. He strikes me as having some very thick skin. For that reason I have no problem discussing this stuff.
Also, he speaks his mind and I believe that invites others to do the it fits within the standards of Aikiweb, of course.
I think this is an important topic because I think it typifies some common issues we deal with here on Aikiweb. Hopefully it will cause folks to practice some metacognitive evaluation for how they want to interact with folks in the future.
I'm happy to see this thread in the feedback section. The more we're all on the same page, the better...Of course that assumes people will adjust their behavior accordingly.

Henry wrote:
I am totally amazed at the extent of the wolf pack mentality that followed his initial post.
The Neurotic Great Ape is a pack animal.

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