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Re: Thank you Tony Wagstaffe

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

The sole decision to ban someone rests with Jun. Are you actually calling Jun an Aikibunny?

This website and forum was created by and is maintained by Jun. Jun has spelled out what he considers to be fair guidelines with which we may participate on this forum. Our participation on this forum and website has explicit and implicit obligations as to rules that we must follow. This is no different than how any other "institution" works.

I think that there does need to be a dialogue amongst the members with Jun as to how to address certain inflammatory issues that ended up getting people put in the "time-out room." I think that you trying to single out "Aikibunnies" with no humor as the reason for people being banned is significantly distorted reasoning at best. The issue that Jun frequently uses as a reason for issuing a "time-out" is the disrespectful manner in which people treat others. Couching one's contempt, dislike,.... in humor is little more than a passive-aggressive act. We all are guilty of this to some degree or another (kind of like your Aikibunny comment).

Encouraging a dialogue with Jun and the other members of the forum on how to tackle areas of dispute and disagreement is a more constructive direction that you might want to consider.

Just my 2 cents.

marc abrams
Remember the phrase many a true word spoken in jest?By the way what is a passive -aggressive act? Jun -an Aikibunny? If anyone felt he was /wasnt I would expect them to say so. Were you trying to elicit a response by asking that question?
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