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Re: Thank you Tony Wagstaffe

Graham Farquhar wrote: View Post
Hi George

Sorry not all of us are in that boat, I found some of the comments made equally objectionable. Ok I travel a lot and have a job that takes me to a lot of places around the world and perhaps that gives me a different perspective but I think not! I think those in the UK who don't agree with some of the comments made simply ignore them and do what I have done and left the thread as it took a direction which wasn't aiki and therefore of no interest.

On everything else George I am in 100% agreement and if My job evertakes me to the Seattle area I would love to drop in and take away some more of that vast knowledge you willingly share! Thats of course if you will let me!
Completely agree too! I'm from the UK, but didn't grow up here... The guy is nothing but a troll, sadly I took the bait. Not the first time, won't be the last time. Hopefully he's gone for a good while.

Best Regards,
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