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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

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You've been training for six years and you are founding a martial art?
it's not hard to find a martial art. if you looked back into history of mankind, this sort of thing happened all the times. eons ago, the grand master of OWW-do walked by a rock cliff where a rock dislodged and strike his head. he was knocked out cold. as he woke up, he came to realization of a martial arts based on placing rocks at dangerous locations. however, as he contemplated the various rock waza, he was promptly ate by the nearby saber tooth tiger. also, at the approximate same time line, grand master of ARRGGHHH-do, walked grandiosely and was knocked out flat by a low hanging tree branch. as he woke up, he came up with a martial art based on placing sticks at low level in order to knock the other buggers off their feet. however, he was promptly ate by the nearby saber tooth (actually the very same saber tooth that ate the rock grand master). then sometimes later, lots later, an young up coming grand master came up with a new martial art which he called RUN-FASTER-THAN-YOUR-BUDDY-do. he discussed with his tribe. later that evening, his buddies waited for him to fall asleep, proceeded to tie him up and left him outside which promptly ate by the saber tooth (damn bugger kept waiting around for various grand masters).

so as you can see, various martial arts have been found quite accidentally and relatively quickly. however, the saber tooth clan has also been quick to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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