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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

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Here is a link to video of the Umi Kata recorded last August: (There is some external compensation for the deep sand and roaring ocean.) The kata contains more complex forms intended for the advanced practitioner but the most important basic forms are accessible to anybody regardless of physical ability or age. I'm now making myself available to share this beautiful practice with anyone dedicated and sincerely interested. Please refer and address me by my first name, no formal titles please!
hey, those bo moves looked like the moves made by this beef cake here doing with the sword

the beef cake looked better though with the well oiled body and such. i am thinking if i have body like that, my wife won't let me out of the house to attend various seminars, where i would learn that the way of weapons is the quickest way to put the business ends into the other buggers and introduce him/her/it to the pain and suffering of income tax.

i tell ya, all these spiritual stuffs with weapons are really messed me up.
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