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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Hi Tenyu,

I'm commenting because I had never heard of Seido Karate until today. And it wasn't reading your post - it was checking out where a famous Japanese quote - nana korobi ya oki - fall down seven times, get up eight times - came from after a comment on my blog (the link is below if you want to see). I found a very nice and clear explanation at SeidoIndia. Looking for a way to tell them that I appreciated the article I found a link to the Seido Karate hombu dojo in New York. And then I saw that nobody had replied to your post and I noticed that Seido name again. Wow. Synchronicity. I saw that the dojo does work with young adults and with blind and visually impaired students and veterans as well as normal training. Very cool.

I have one technical comment. Sometimes your foot is landing a fraction before the strike and it seems to me you are losing a little power because of that. But the movements look very fluid and interesting.

How long is your bo? It looks like a jo.

I wish you the very best of luck.

And the quote was by Daruma Taishi...

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