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Re: aikido is...

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Gee I really would love to see a woman who weighs the same as a duck....your argument really does not hold water.
That was just an example of how a string of related ideas can get out of hand very quickly (from Monty Python's, Search for the Holy Grail). I thought it was a good point to make.

O'Sensei once said, "I am the universe",. I'm pretty sure he believed that he was. I can even understand exactly what he meant by that and based on the same idea aikido is indeed everything.
Would you be able and willing to describe it? Personally, i get uncomfortable when people say they know "exactly" what others mean, particularly in topics like this. Not that I think you don't, just that it seems questionable, based on personal experience.

But not everyone is capable of perceiving just as some people have a talent for singing or art while others do not.
While I would word it differently, I think I agree with the idea that different people perceive things differently. Taking the opposite direction (i.e. assuming, for the sake of discussion, that you're not really able to understand it as well as you think) I would also say if it seems to make sense to you and it's useful to you, then that's probably good enough...for the most part. That being said, I still think it's a good thing to question. O Sensei put so much work into this that I think it's unlikely most people could appreciate "exactly" what he meant. Like you I have my hunches about how such phrasing might make sense, and on a functional level I can make it apply to a great many situations, but that doesn't mean it's exactly accurate.
If you could find the words, assuming words can even be applied, I would greatly appreciate it. My purpose here is to understand the thoughts of others so I can refine my own so while I may make this or that assertion, it's only with the aim of getting feedback.
You certainly answered the OP question, and I liked your answer because I think for you it's quite true. But as with many things, the more we talk about it and try to bring it to some objective state, the more difficult it becomes to talk about...and part of me thinks that begs for more discussion...though another part of me thinks it might be a waste of time.
Anyway...rambling done for now.
Take care,

p.s. I pretty much agree, Keith! But I think that's part of what makes it so useful...and fits with Tony's post, now that I see it.

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