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Re: aikido is...

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Witches should be burned.
Wood can be burned.
Therefore, witches are made of wood.
Wood floats.
A duck floats.
Therefore, if a woman weights the same as a duck, she's made of wood...and therefore...


When you construct a long chain of, "A -> B, B -> C", you've got to be very rigorous at each step of the process. "A can be said to imply B" and "Under some interpretations of B and C, B could be said to imply C" don't cut it.
Gee I really would love to see a woman who weighs the same as a duck....your argument really does not hold water.

O'Sensei once said, "I am the universe",. I'm pretty sure he believed that he was. I can even understand exactly what he meant by that and based on the same idea aikido is indeed everything. Tell me, If he were here today would you also tell him that he was not the universe? The difference is you are only judging by things that can be weighed, measured. Perceived by our basic senses.

I in no way think or mean to indicate that only the worthy can perceive it the way I do. But not everyone is capable of perceiving just as some people have a talent for singing or art while others do not. Some who wish can develop such talents and some others will never be able to no matter how they try. It does not make the ones who can't any less valuable than the ones who can.

Anyway I answered the OP's question as I see it. I have nothing more to add to the discussion.
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