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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Martial art! Martial Art!
How can you tell how that feels by how it looks?
Mary I tend to agree w/ you on this - but, I AM looking for any sign that uke's balance has been taken before he falls, such as on shihonage being up on tippytoe or having to flex backward, or some kind of disruption in uke's structural integrity, and I'm just not seeing it. In technique after technique, uke appears to be essentially walking around nage and from a fully integrated posture deciding to fall.

In the version of cooperative training I try to model, uke is actually attacking and putting in the appropriate energy so that if nage does her part correctly, yes, uke's structural integrity is both visibly and palpably taken away and the technique happens.

So my question to the OP is: is this video intended to be an idealized demo in which uke is complicit or does it reflect actual training in your dojo?

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