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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

I would argue that good aiki is in the cage, aikido people just can't see it anymore because it looks [so] different than what we practice. Look at the attack angles of George St. Pierre, or the center-line shifts Anderson Silva takes before he strikes. Look at how fighters break balance before executing a technique... They may not call it aiki, but many of MMA fighters can express their aiki better than we can - we just refuse to acknowledge some brute is more in tune with the namesake of our art than we are... Not to mention the fact that they can do it under a circumstance in which we can hardly perform.

I'm just waiting for UFC 399 where GSP tells Anderson Silva to grab him again because he wasn't ready when the bell rang...

There was a famous quote from Kano sensei describing aikido as what he envisioned for judo. When was the last time we heard about an instructor better describing aikido than the previous instructor? When was the last time a leader from another art expressed admiration about the direction and focus of aikido? On occasion, but I think we can do better...
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