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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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Moving forward, where are the greats in the aiki arts now who even spar? What are they doing that anyone would really consider truly amazing in this age? Unbendable arm and aiki-age from semi cooperative wrist grabbing, and stupid jin tricks, may be all that's left in most circles.
It's going to take someone showing up in the cage, winning and saying their style is "aiki" for anyone (masses) to really consider it amazing or even care. I've got friends who work for the top MMA magazine in the country and I've tried talking to them about this stuff. I've tried to get them to go to Tokyo and feel what Ark is doing. They shrug me off and say "talk to me when someone is in the cage with it". Yet their newest issue has an article written by the guy who hosts that "Human Weapon" show about the top five most underrated martial arts.

Basically they're giving their time to someone to talk about martial arts that none of them take seriously, but won't take the time to go out and feel something that I assure them will leave them scratching their heads and most likely, wanting more.
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