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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

Good points Larry
We do each follow our own paths don't we, but how many are blazing a trail with a new vision and how many wandered off someone else's path ....into the weeds?

Your idea of taking the art forward may actually -require- the same sort of dynamics and trouble that was birthed in earlier times. People have noted the contentions between Takeda /Ueshiba and we had others like Ueshiba/ Hisa, Kisshomaru/Tohei. Maybe some or even most of that was the result of real vision. Vision in the MA in fact causes divisions. At least a couple of VERY well known teachers have laughed at the new IP/aiki movement saying..."It's good to finally shake things up a bit."

One could observe
1. The aiki arts were different from the established Koryu in their day
2. Their advocates were considered incredible Mixed Martial Artists, who took challenges.
3. They were openly acknowledged as being different from normal martial arts and each ended up on their own

Moving forward, where are the greats in the aiki arts now who even spar? What are they doing that anyone would really consider truly amazing in this age? Unbendable arm and aiki-age from semi cooperative wrist grabbing, and stupid jin tricks, may be all that's left in most circles.

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