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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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Well, I think that's what Tohei tried to do with the taiso. While he gets credit for developing the taiso, he did so under the watchful eye and with the approval of Ueshiba, based on things Ueshiba himself did.
Again I would suggest you go back and read what Tohei actually said about what he got and from whom.
You can continue to repeat your view that he found it and developed it under Ueshiba's watchful eye. Lord knows you will find many who will agree with you. I think you would find it worthwhile to check in with what the man said and see how that aligns with your opinions of where he got it from.

I don't see any disagreement , just a misunderstanding of my use of the term fluff, but that's not problem. As far as how this training relates to Aikido, I think we're in perfect agreement. I now see things like the taiso and the actual waza can be used to build these skills and I think that was most definitely Ueshiba's intention. I can't say I'm really convinced that htey're the most efficient way, but if one wanted to keep what they're doing strictly in the aikdo realm, I think there's definitely enough meat there to get something as long as you have like minded partners and good instruction at the top.
Actually I have never once thought that Tohei's movements and understanding were the same as Ueshiba's. Some basic things regarding center are, but IP/aiki is not all the same; particularly in how you choose to move with it.

Sorry for confusing you with someone else then, either way, I'm glad there were plenty of other people out there who did the arguing, else I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.
Mark's initial meeting with me was the result of some of the infamous arguments that happened here over "Aikido ™ missing real aiki" that Mark read but did not participate in. Mark was sharp enough to just wait and then got out to check out Mike, Ark, me, Ikeda, Popkin, etc...all without (as you noted) putting his foot in his mouth. He continues to explore by meeting others, and testing it with some of the top guys -in- aikido.

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