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Scott Harrington
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 17


I have purchased and read (and reread) your book. It is a very GOOD book and I think anyone interested in Aikido or Aiki should have it on the shelf!

Just because I may disagree with one part please don't take as a diss. There is much there to make one think.

Regarding Sagawa Yukiyoshi, in "Transparent Power" he DOES say (through Kimura) that Takeda Sokaku SAID that Chikanori was the one that taught him aiki.

He also, as you point out, said he believed that Takeda Sokaku invented it.

Thus we are on the horns of a dilemma with a 'conflicting' source.

My personal belief (which is like an opinion but worth less) is some rudiment came from Chikanori that rippled like a spreadsheet of the techniques of a hodge podge Yamato-ryu (pre Daito-ryu) system probably a family art, perhaps the documentation coming from the Nishinkan school library. Add years of training, years of drills (sumo-like - ala Toby Threadgill's omote drills) allowed him to come up with a neat style.

I am attempting to get translated a better source of information on the mysterious aiki. And perhaps some wacky non-Chinese sources. A conundrum inside a pin inside a waza.

Scott Harrington
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