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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 17

Heck - I wrote so fast I made some mistakes.

It is my belief that, combined with the innate character that he was born to have (nature AND nurture), that this is a key to his wandering - his serial relationships of close disciple, then either distance or rejection, AND he relationships with his own family
Should be "his parched relationshps"

"Helpless" caregivers are more common as abusers, in my experience than evil men. I describe Sokichi as the latter.]
I meant the former.

And Sokichi's "transgressions" - at least, I believe, as his son saw them - only illuminate his erasure from his lineage, not what he actually taught. BTW - Sokichi died, I believe, in 1904. Sokaku has a 17 year period of which very little is know. Stan Pranin speculated to me that this period may actually be the key to understanding how he developed as a martial artist. Takeda reappears in in the late 1890's. It would be very illuminating if one could find out what, if any, contact Sokaku and Sokichi had in later years, as well as what Sokichi did in the last years of his life.

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