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This whole thread came about last month when I had a discussion with another martial artist who said fat/obese people take Aikido. We started off talking about much of what I already posted. I was insulted by his comment. I am not fat or obese. I am not out of shape or in great shape. It just another jab at Aikido, its all other arts only have dangerously thin people. Then it got me thinking, and I start to look around at what I didn't see before in the dojo. The discrimination towards fatter people. How, we as people do discriminate against fatter people. The attitude of people who aren't considered fat is brought into the dojo. Where the ideal is thin. That fatter people aren't in shape. How possibly some could discriminate against a student student like that of the airlines and insurance companies. Or have to reject a fatter student because of insurance, like it was pointed out with having a hip replacement.

I was hoping by making issue real and valid and getting people to talk about it, for all us Aikidoka to discuss, we could be active against such discrimination of fatter people, if we are aware of it. Fat should not be a bad word. We all are fat unless we have 0 body fat. I think Aikidoka's would be extra supportive and positive in the face of this type of ridiculous discrimination that is growing stronger.
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