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Re: Obesity and Aikido

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My BMI is 23.8. What about yours, guys & gals?
24.8, down from 29.8 since I started Aikido in May. (5' 8", 163 pounds, down from 196 pounds) Looking to drop a bit more, too.

I don't like BMI, though. It doesn't take into account general frame size, and with size 11 feet I'm saying I'm built pretty sturdy by nature. Most womens watch bands won't even fit on my wrists, and there is no fat on my wrists. I'm never going to be "willowy" like some slimmer-built women. It also doesn't take into account muscle. I'm sure I am carrying more muscle now than I was when I was heavier.

Either way, Aikido has been directly helpful in losing weight (from doing classes), but even more so by pointing out emphatically how out of shape I was. I was (and am) highly motivated to get in much better shape so I can do better at Aikido. I've been a lot more active (walking, doing strengthening exercises, etc.) along with Aikido classes.

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