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Re: Obesity and Aikido

Ok I'm a big chick. But I have to tell ya my friend most thin people could not keep up with even half of the stuff I do. I have a very active high energy as in in motion on my feet all the time as well as working with horses both riding them and being under them working on their hooves.

There are a lot of factors that play into a person size that don not necessarily mean lazy and over eater. I do think some people are genetically programed to be bigger than others.

Now I'm not making excuses for over weight people. I've been often heard to call my self fat. But I also carry a lot more muscle than the average 5'7" woman does.

but I have to tell ya I seriously do not think it took me longer to learn to roll than your average skinny guy. I rather get the impression I learned it a bit quicker than many. LOL after all I'm round... round things roll quite well thank you very much. And we have less corners and more padding. Rolling and falling does not hurt us nearly so much.

As for thin being the ideal... it has not always been so. Look back at paintings and pictures of people in early centuries. The image of beauty has changed some. Women used to have curves and were a bit heavier than today. Marlyn Monro was a size 18.

Since starting Aikido in addition to my other activities Ive lost a bit of weight which I am more than pleased about. I believe it is helping me to get into better condition over all. Aikido burns a huge amount of energy.

Will I ever be thin? No. I am not designed that way. I have learned to appreciate having a strong, solid build. Just come grab my wrist some time and try to move me.

Do my partners often have to wait around for me to catch my breath? LOL not usually. But then I'm not your average fat girl.

Stop looking at the size of peoples bodies and pay attention to how much drive and heart they have. After all Aikido is about love and acceptance right?
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