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Re: Obesity and Aikido

Ever since American stopped smoking we got fat.
Smoking reduces appetite and feeling hungry. Some girls take up smoking to lose weight.

Pushing for this idea weight we all should be, and it is measured be latest BMI. This has lead to a more public discrimination against fat people.
Don't forget the above average muscular people. As BMI is your weight-height ration, BMI cannot discern fat from muscle.

If discrimination is defined as being against, the color of a person skin, sex, sexuality, and everything else, except fat and white men, why is obese/fat being excluded from discrimination?
Because being fat is seen as being (in most cases) a matter of choice. On the other hand how much of a choice is it when you're working two jobs, still earn barely enough money to live from, the nearest supermarket with fresh food is quite far away, you've never learned how to cook cheap healthy meals and you have all these cheap fast food places just around the corner?

Society founds upon fat people, constantly wanting to turn them thin. Thin has and was the ideal in society.
Thin is not the ideal. Perhaps it was for some time, but there's more and more protest against the too skinny models. The ideal (for normal people, fashion models are lagging behind) is becoming more and more 'healthy'.

Does having a high BMI as an Aikido reflect badly on Aikido, in a society that has constantly preferred thin over fat for about, around, a 200, and think is suppose to be healthier. Can society afford obese people, and thus, can Aikido afford it?
Do you think overweight is healthy?
And I don't think Aikido can afford it as long as Aikido is claiming to be a type of physical exercise. And personally, I do expect some stamina from my training partners. I don't like to stop training because my partner needs to catch his/her breath because he/she is out of shape.
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