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Re: Obesity and Aikido

Sumo's train as hard as any olympic wrestlers, and on the BMI they are over obese usually. Is it harder to teach them? I don't think so. Are they lazy. I don't think so.

But are they normal or healthy? That I suppose would be the question to ask yourself. As a human being, we should always strive for balance. Aikido teaches us harmony. Its one thing to say this in the dojo while throwing people around, but its another when we are shoving carbs, fat and sugar in that we really don't need.

Simply said to survive an adult would need approximately 2000 calories give or take a couple of hundred either way. There is really no excuse for us to go at it say 4-6000 calories intake a day is it?

That's the fact. And yes we need to do exercise and yes genetics has something to say about your body weight. But at the base for all of us that fit the bell curve, its about how much we take in a day.

I support overly fat people buying 2 seats for the air ticket or bus or rail. They are afterall taking the space of 2 normal adults. Have you ever gotten squeezed out of your seat by the other passenger who is overflowing all over the place? God forbid if he has to seat in the middle, the guy at the window seat has no chance!

Discrimination what? What about midgets? You don't see the airlines giving them half rates although they take less space and cost less to transport. That's discrimination because there's nothing you can do to not be a midget. <- is that insensitive? I can't tell how Americans view insensitivity this days what with watching all those episodes of House MD and that law series starring captain kirk..thingey.

Anyway I don't really know what this has to do with Aikido... sure there are lots of fat senseis and shihans out there. A lot of Japanese shihans guzzle beer like it was oxygen or something. Yet Osensei rarely imbibes... and he was far from fat. Gozo Shioda was slim, Yamaguichi was slim... We're not talking about model slim here to the point of anorexic but normal slim you know, with a bit of flab here and there. If there's anyone I want to model myself on it would be those guys and not sorry to say, Steven seagal and uh... the other shihans who may be reading this (and hopefully forget my name altogether).

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