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Re: Blending with the attack.

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in the body ?????
so if i get you right kemosubi no tachi and the awase is not blending

what do you mean then ?

The physical expresion of blending is always going to be taking some sort of mesure and distance. the end result of that blending is not really relevant to the blending in itself.
you can't blend on you own, you alway blend with something.
and it is as much mental as it physical.

I look at it like there are two types of "blending": jujutsu and aiki. What you posted, to me, is the jujutsu type of blending. It *requires* physical body movement where timing, where and how one steps, body placement, etc is involved. It can be a very soft, subtle approach to techniques. A very good skill to have and develop. But it isn't aiki.

Aiki happens, as Rob John stated, at the moment of contact. The blend happens there, and not with a physical step or a timed movement. Ueshiba notes in one of his interviews, there is no timing in aiki. As Peter Goldsbury pointed out in one of his TIE columns, working on Ushiro techniques was hazardous to uke and not necessarily because of Ueshiba's physical movement. Aiki. The pinnacle of "blending".
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