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Re: Blending with the attack.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I disagree. Your explanation doesn't touch upon aiki at all. Jujutsu, maybe. But no aiki. at all. anywhere in your description. Your whole example is not supported by any facts of aiki.
By all means, state the facts of aiki showing that I am wrong and that this example is not an illustration in simplified mechanical terms of aiki. As you know there is a biological component, but the biological component is acting upon and according to the mechanism I illustrate. Since I specifically fit that to the issues of "joining" and "blending" previously made a part of the discussion, my post was plainly topical. If wrong, then show us a similar counterexample of your facts ...

I have only ever asked for facts and definitions to clarify discussion, nothing more.

I look forward to your response.


Erick Mead
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